The finest, softest and most authentic of all human hair, European Human Hair moves, looks and feels like a natural head of hair should. iWig's highly skilled and experienced buyers personally travel to Europe and sort through as much human hair as it takes to find the highest quality hair available on the market. It's not unusual for them to sort through 500,000 kilos of human hair just to find 20 precious kilos of hair that meets our high standards of perfect, healthy human hair. iWig believes that every woman deserves to own a top quality luxury European human hair wig but understands that each individual has their own budget to work with. With this in mind, iWig offers you two levels of luxury European human hair to choose from. The first level, higher price point, hair is Virgin European which is hand picked, unprocessed, and has never been colored. The second level, slightly lower price point, hair is Select European which is still fine, soft, and shiny but has been processed (which means it might have been colored). Both types of European human hair are top quality, both beautiful to the eye and touch, but a wig made with Virgin European hair will be able to withstand the natural elements for longer than one using Select European hair.

iWig brings European human hair wigs to the next level by combining the boundless potential of European Human Hair with skillfully crafted caps and skin tops made from natural looking mono-filaments, silicone and silk fabrics. The iWig cap structure uses a French Top which is skin colored with hair knotted from underneath to mimic natural hair growth and an Open Front Lace which is made by tying hairs with invisible knots to a very thin skin colored lace, camouflaging the hairline and allowing you to wear your iWig away from the face. Unlike old fashioned caps that are known to be heavy and itchy, an iWig cap is guaranteed to be weightless, breathable, and extraordinarily comfortable!

The result of our top quality luxury European human hair and skillfully crafted wig cap is an extraordinary and one of a kind iWig by erica Luxembourg. To those who have already invested in an iWig there really is no substitute. A European human hair wig by iWig is an expression of one's personal style, and a statement well worth making. iWig's custom European wigs represent the ultimate in hair quality and craftsmanship.

In addition, iWig's on-premise manufacturing makes it possible for us to get a custom fit on all ready-to-wear wigs in just 3-4 business days! Where other companies do a quick hand patch on so called custom-fit-by-mail wigs, our factory grade machines create smooth seams. No lumps, bulges, or itchy stitching on an iWig human hair wig!