iWig by erica luxembourg's extraordinary new collection of European human hair wigs embodies high fashion, luxury, class, and style. Are they showing 60's Mod on the runways this season? Bohemian chic? or Brazilian beach goddess? From geometric bobs to flowing wavy, sun-streaked manes, iWig by erica luxembourg styles reflect all of the latest looks coming out of top European fashion houses.

For those who desire only the best and the most beautiful, invest in a luxury human hair iWig by erica luxembourg. Synthetic, heavy, wiggy-looking wigs are so passť! Update your look and accent your wardrobe with iWig's luxury European human hair wigs. They just might become this year's most sought-after accessory.

An iWig by erica luxembourg feels great and looks even better. It's like having that natural head of perfectly healthy and shiny hair you always wished you were born with. Don't settle for anything less then a high quality luxury European human hair iWig by erica luxembourg! The look and feel of these human hair wigs is nothing short of a breakthrough.

iWig's Contemporary Line is composed of Erica Luxembourg's own personal selection of best selling styles from past collections. Some of the wigs in this line are constructed using a blend of European and Asian human hair to bring you a less expensive option that is still shiny, natural, and gorgeous.To inquire about the hair composition of a specific wig in this line please give our experts a call. We are always glad to provide you with any additional information you are seeking.


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