Our History

It was 1948 when Debra Vach began her American wig design career. When she emigrated from Europe she brought with her the meticulous wig making skills that she had learned overseas. Starting at a top New York wig salon, her exceptional skill working with wigs brought her acclaim and a loyal following of clients. Her reputation for matching color and creating lightweight, comfortable "unwiggy" styles eventually encouraged her to open her own wig business. 50 years later, her granddaughter Erica Luxembourg, proudly carries on the tradition. Trained under her grandmother, Erica possesses a fine eye for quality hair and hand workmanship. This combined with access to today's breakthrough technology in lightweight materials results in iWig's meticulously designed and crafted one of a kind human hair wigs.

Our Product: Differences You Can See and Feel

While most wig manufacturers buy huge lots of hair from overseas suppliers, sight unseen, at iWig we don't believe in leaving it to chance. Our senior buyers personally travel to Europe and sort through as much human hair as it takes to find the highest quality hair available on the market. It's not unusual for them to sort through 500 kilos of human hair just to find 20 precious kilos of hair that meets our high standards of perfect, healthy human hair.

How does the hair on an iWig move so naturally so closely resembling the way real hair moves? To answer this question you have to go back to the roots. iWig uses human hair that still has the natural cuticle (in trade terms "Remy"). Each strand of hair is then woven in the same direction just as it would grow on your scalp. This is why our human hair wigs are guaranteed not to clump or tangle.

Not only is our human hair of the highest quality but so are the caps we use. They're a new kind of base made exclusively for iWig using a smooth, clear, wafer-thin, skin-like, silk mesh. Unlike old-fashioned caps that tend to be heavy and itchy an iWig cap is weightless, breathable, and extraordinarily comfortable. Not only does it feel great but it's also virtually undetectable around the hairline, crown and part. So when it comes time for your close up just smile and say iWig because you have nothing to worry about!

Wearing a human hair wig has never felt so right or looked so real.

iWig's on-premise manufacturing makes it possible for us to get a custom fit on all ready-to-wear wigs in just 3-4 business days. Where other companies do a quick hand patch on so called custom-fit-by-mail wigs, our factory grade machines create smooth seams. No lumps, bulges, or itchy stitching on an iWig human hair wig!

iWig Today

iWig has grown from a small, exclusive atelier to an international company without losing its personal touch. As both retailer and wholesaler iWig by erica luxembourg now offers a full line of high quality and high fashion women's human hair wigs. iWig is also ecstatic to introduce it's new line of human hair wigs for children. Children's wigs have never fit so well or looked so natural.

iWig understands that every woman is unique and has her own personal wig needs and desires. That's why we carry a wide range of human hair wigs varying in texture, color, style, length and size. We also offer our customers a special feature to create their own custom human hair iWig with all features specifically tailored by them to ensure that their wig is a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

Let iWig turn your dream of the ideal human hair wig into a reality. Whatever it is that you have in mind for your wig, we can work together to achieve it.

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